McGrath Winkler

Get Fuzzy

This  is a tricky song that Anomaly played well.  It was a "second set" song, one of those we added after our first gig -- we didn't start working on it until a few months later, middle of 1998 or so. In spite of this, it was an older song, I wrote the music in college nearly 10 years earlier, to lyrics my friend Don Marvel had written in high school, before we met. Interestingly this was a song that never got performed by any college group of mine. Like the earlier "Meat Balm," it shifts between 6/4, 7/8 and 4/4 liberally. I wonder if those college bands could have pulled it off -- I imagine so, but it would have taken some doing. Mr Ability did pull off an 11/8 groove for "Caribou" after all. Anomaly, however, developed into a crack ensemble and "Get Fuzzy" became one of our stronger numbers. I thought we rocked our time changes on this one about as hard as anyone.  

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Righteous Weasel Boho Art Circus Blues


This is another of the Oberlin College-written collaborations between Don Marvel and me. Perhaps the least-celebrated of our collaborations, it was only performed by Mr Ability -- it's not among those college songs I revived for Anomaly in my NYC years. Writing about Mr Ability becomes a minor minefield of namedropping, as a number of our members went on to exciting and notable careers.

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Oily If

Lumberbride  was my final college band. It formed from the embers of Mr. Ability, our band of fall 1990. A significant portion of that band had gone away the following semester: I to  NYC, working for for Philip Glass, our drummer to Vienna to do what composers do, the guitarist I think went to London.. thus there would be no continuation. My close friend Dan and I decided to go different ways musically, so it was unlikely that there would even be a continuation of the McGrath-Kennedy duo that had also propelled our previous band, OCMR. I came back to campus my senior year and I wasn't even sure I would have a band. I did have a couple of recitals to complete, as I was working on a music degree. Dutifully, I despatched my junior recital, the heart of which was comprised of music I had written and arranged while in NYC the previous semester. It was a mix of new songs and older electronic pieces I had written for classwork. I was quite proud of it at the time and it was well-received, but listening to it now, it doesn't hold up so well. A reasonably good effort though.

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  • Live Performance

    I have a fair number of recordings of Anomaly performing. My now wife, Maria, used to bring my portable Steroo Sony recording cassette player to all of ours gigs and got some pretty darn good recordings. A few have some chatter from the people around her, but most are highly listenable.