Live Performance

Party Like It's the Atlantic Center

So back in the Anomaly days we got into this really good habit where, if we had a gig on a Saturday, we would meet at the rehearsal space first, like 8 or 9 o'clock before an 11PM show. After we instituted this practice, we started playing especially well at shows, as you might imagine. So one Saturday evening in August of '98 we had a gig at the Orange Bear, which was  a Russian Art Bar that we played at a lot. (They gave us our first gig and many others... we could usually get gigs there without too much difficulty. It was our fallback place if the CBGBs of the world were rejecting us. A guy named Victor ran the place and he was generally nice to us. There was always  wacky colorful art on the wall which I took to be of Russian or Russian-American origin.)

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